Making Dreams Become Reality - Aaryn's Experience

Hi! Welcome to Ambition is Ageless’ first blog post! Today I wanted to just give you all a back story of how we got to where we are today with the brand we have created!

Growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA wasn’t always easy for me. I went to a school with not much diversity. When I say that I mean I was one of three African - American kids in the entire school when it was my senior year. Although that did not taint the way I viewed the school, it tainted the way I looked at my life and my life goals. Constantly comparing myself to others, wanting to be like them, and being scared that I would get judged if I was not. I wanted to start my youtube channel in high school, but I was afraid of what others would think of me, what they would say behind my back and to my face. I would also straighten my hair EVERY DAY, all year long so that I did not have to wear it curly to school and people did not have to see me looking differently from them! I hated my curly hair because no one else had it at my school! I was focusing more on what others thought about me, rather than doing things and going after the goals/dreams I had in mind for myself. I tried so hard to blend in, rather than trying to stand out, that it diminished my self-esteem and my own happiness.

The town I grew up in was somewhat small and everyone knew everyone. Teachers were parents of students, students were related to other students, the teachers were teaching 3rd, 4th generation kids of the previous student, and students who graduate come back to the same town when they are done with college. Majority of the graduates of my school went to a college not too far from the school. While in High School I knew I did not want to stay in Pittsburgh. Even though my family resides there and that is where I grew up I knew I wanted to do something more, go out and explore the rest of the country! This is where California became a peripheral vision. I knew the dream was always there, making my way into sight, but it was not quite in front of me yet. I was still unsure on whether or not I wanted to pursue it. Senior year, I was applying to different schools and most all of them were in LA. After each application sent in I knew I was closer to my vision that was once blurry become clear. Fast Forward to Freshman year in college. I was enrolled in about 4 classes and had too much time on my hands, considering I was not working. I wanted to put my time to use, so I started messing around with logos and thinking of different concepts I could create. With my dad being a motivational speaker and playing football professionally, I was always reading and looking up different quotes that would help motivate myself and others, kind of like how he was. He motivated people from telling his story and I knew I wanted to incorporate Loren and I’s story into this brand, but I wanted the name to be with to A’s. After, texting my sister back and forth we came up with the name “Ambition is Ageless”.

We are into the second month of the new year and we both have been trying to focus on my goals this year and how we want to better ourselves and only surround ourselves with positive vibes! So what better way to start off that resolution then to release a brand with content only covering and conveying that message! After reading our story I hope you are motivated to go out and accomplish a goal you have in mind. As you read, my sister and I are at two different stages in our lives, accomplishing dreams we once had. No one is limited to what type of goal they set or when they set that goal! You can be any age! Don’t let a number get in the way of you accomplishing anything! The idea came to you for a reason, don’t let anything stop you from attaining the dream you want!

Much Love,